RiverPro Performance Jet Boats


RiverPro Boats specialise in high performance aluminium jetboats for various applications from fisherman and pleasure boaties to commercial hunters and trappers.

Designed to be a boat dedicated to performance with sprint boat handling and excellent slow planing with the smoothest ride on the market.

"Reuben has a real passion for building alloy boats which he has shown in the hulls he has put together, his attention to detail and a real desire to turn out a top quality hull is second to none." - Mike Harris.

General Maintenance and Repairs

We carry out repairs and services on boats and trailers from our purpose built workshop.

Aluminium Fabrication and Engineering Projects

We manufacture a range of aluminium products from all aspects of your jetboat to trailers and farm equipment to custom tool boxes for utes, trailers or trucks.

Although the majority of our products are made of aluminium we equally manufacture goods made of steel.

I can’t believe how soft the ride is!
— Customer
The performance is outstanding!
— Customer