RiverPro Jet Boats

The Next Generation of Performance Jet Boat

Designed by Mike Harris of Harris Marine after years of testing and development. The hulls are designed to be SUPER SOFT riding with a one piece variable 12mm high tensile delta bottom. 5 proto types were produced with each one improving from what started as a great handling all round jet boat. Any one that knows Mike, knows that he likes to get the best from any jet boat and RiverPro is no different.

RiverPro are designed to be the best, super soft ride at all speeds due to the variable deadrise and placement of strakes, slow planing speed and no bogging down in tight turns. RiverPro hulls sit high in the nose making them awesome in white water, no need for a trim plate or trim nozzle to trim the hull to counteract such things as porposing (although a trim nozzle allows for slower planing and a race like attitude at speed while still being able to turn tight).

We have sold numerous hulls in New Zealand and now Australia with very happy customers. Some of the comments we regularly get are: “I can’t believe how soft the ride is”, “the performance is outstanding”, so if you are looking for a new jet boat, built to any stage then we suggest you take the time to go for a ride and make up your own mind, you will be impressed!

Custom built from bare hull to complete turn key package on a trailer.
Sizes range from 3.1m to 4.8m.

Engines and Jet units

Packages are available to meet any budget or transplant a unit and motor from an existing boat.




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